Tuesday, 14 December 2010

expedition north

These are pics of some of the work at our latest exhibition. There are 12 in the group I think and we each put two items in. We trundled up today on a beautiful sunny day [but so cold] to see what it looked like.

The Gallery makes good use of a defunct building once owed by one of the evil banks. So an imposing portico, but then many steps and stairs as the rooms are honey combed thru 3 floors, maybe Bob Crachitt worked there once, some of them are so small Tiny Tim would have filled one.

Our room was just the right size for the works, white walls and bright sun thru the window. Couldn't ask for better, oh yes i could, someone to buy something.

The Gallery is run by artists from whom we rent wall space at low rent, and is partly staffed by volunteers, a good idea all round.

I would have liked to wonder the streets and potter in and out of a few old shoppes but the Retired Person had lunch and a pint on his mind so we had to skedaddle. It is good he comes, and drives, so I have to let him have his fun too but sometimes it is easier to go out with the ladies - as long as they don't talk endlessly about their operations [cataracts are becoming popular] and their grand /children
except mine of course.

We stocked up at the posh supermarket on the way back as snow is forecast later in the week,

Having bought a Xmas pudding I guess I must accept that Xmas has started.

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carol said...

All looks wonderful - you are a talented bunch and I hope there will be many sales. I have new wall-space to my delight so in the New Year will be looking for something tactile....