Monday, 13 December 2010

no decorations yet

Daughter has started the tradition of making a separate birthday cake for GG.
Here he is eating it with the aid of a small dinosaur.
I have just had a bowl of veggie soup for lunch made from the last Butternut Squash from the garden and some parsnips. I am allowed the latter now the freeze has frozen, repeatedly. Apparently they taste better after a frost.
It in no way improves my mood however. The hoar frost down to the river looks gorgeous but I chose to hoover in the warm rather than opt for the walking Hattie option.
She is still enjoying her walks and food but is increasingly blind deaf and possibly daft, being 13 & 3quarters. Last night she did a whoopsie this side of the back door, so the house now smells of disinfectant and short temper.
Xmas cards have begun limping in. Have posted mine with difficulty as the Post Office decided unilaterally to close between 1 and 3, I arrived at 2.30.
Tried to use up some time at the village fair in the village hall but it was more of a inside car boot sale, I already have too much tat.
The local MP answered Him Indoor's missive about the dire state of closure of public houses which wasn't very useful on either side.
However I could use his official address to encourage the MP to vote to support the Early Day Motion 1171 trying to help the poor beleaguered people of the Congo tomorrow. Their village halls are not so cosy and their post office is never open.

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carol said...

Obviously GG could decorate your house no probs! he is going to be creative like his g'ma I can tell.

Our Bojo is a monster at present I hear - ruined by his enforced sojourns in the nursery so his mum can work for tax credits (if little else!) leaving him wailing desolately every time. How I hate Blair - and the present lot too, goes without saying!