Sunday, 2 January 2011

xmas is over

Daughter, flying without a safety net as usual, sent me these slippers she had made by felting a sweater. They fit perfectly and I feel like an amiable panda padding around in them. I have often admired people who can do this kind of thing, daughter knows no fear. I would never try, being convinced they would never fit etc.

Another plus, after comfort, is that unless I stitch leather soles onto them i can't go out to the bins. Oh what a shame.
Tragically the parcel I sent her and GG hasn't arrived yet.

Also the Christmas Cactus has flowered on time, maybe it waits for the snow. It's a nice splash of colour.

Everything outside is a very muddy brown, except for the holly berries. I didn't get round to making a holly wreath for Xmas.
Mother insists that the day is now definitely longer, being past the solstice. Doesn't do much to cheer me yet. The fairy lights are all we can rely on for a cheery glow.

The birdies seem to be back, goodness knows where they hide to survive. Now it is milder we have the tits and finches scrabbling on the feeders, so tiny and fragile. Gulls and pigeons bullying each other for the bits of ham and bacon on the Van Gogh.
The cat doesn't even lift an eyelid preferring to sleep by the radiators.
I have knitted RP the back and front of his boring grey sweater if it doesn't fit it won't felt, even if I was brave enough to try, as he chose cheap acrylic wool.
Asked Ma to do a sleeve as I thought she would welcome something to do, of course she just interpreted it as me needing the help to get it finished before Next Xmas. I swear she doesn't have a positive thought in her ancient old noddle. No wonder my generation are scared to try anything challenging. Boo Hoo.
She stomped home off home clutching the wool and the remaining mince pies, I guess Xmas is over.

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Heide said...

LOVE the felted slippers. Your tree was charming. We undecorated yesterday and now a mountain of crates is staged and ready for us to finagle up into the attic. Cheers!