Thursday, 3 February 2011


Hattie the dog returned to us in a small but sturdy box, as she has been cremated.
Strange but true, at least we feel we have completed the job now as we drove out to a posh Plant Nursery and bought her a "rampant, semi evergreen?" rose to mark her spot, next in line to the 3 cats and Delta the dog, her lovely predecessor. Clara the chicken is on the other side under the pear trees.
One would think you would get used to this kind of thing.
The rose is Rosa mulliganii , white and banana scented flowers! Requires sun and well drained soil. Ours is very well drained and on a slope so that should be OK, only glitch might be there used to be another rose which died of old age nearby, and too late we remembered you are not supposed to plant another rose in the same place, so hopefully Rosa will be OK.
Now we are wondering what to do with the freedom, maybe a quick trip to warmer climes, possibly not the pyramids this time. One day hopefully when everything has settled into a glowing democracy. I am ashamed to think that I didn't really realise they were under military thumb, tho so far the army seems to be trying to be neutral.
When I was teaching I had a pupil who was the son of an Egyptian diplomat [such things happen in North London]. Mohamed was having a deal of trouble coping with the new language and a fairly lively comprehensive.
Obviously his dad sometimes helped with his homework, and I felt Mohamed was obviously bright so I recommended he come out of the learning difficulties stream [it was a while ago] and enter a class of his peers in the hopes he would catch on more quickly. I left that year so never knew what happened but did get a nice commemorative wall plate enthusing about Nasser from his dad. Felt a bit like I had been bribed, even tho it was reward not an inducement.
Maybe Mohamed is in Tihrer square at the mo giving voice to his opinions. Hope he is OK, he was very quiet in class.
PS the pic is of our rose as it hopes to be one day. This one is in the Sissinghurst White garden.


carol said...

Beautiful rose. Nice way to remember a family member.

I also remember the white garden at Sissinghurst well. The house, the garden and the literary associations seemed to me at the time, and still, to be the essence of all that is best about England.

I do belive I'm getting sentimental in my old age!

Heide said...

Hattie's rose will be just as beautiful. I also hope that your former student is safe.

Gillian said...

Sissinghurst is on my list of things to do before...
You are in many ways lucky to have been in the one place for so long. Your animal family can be there too. Mine have been cast across the globe. Nothing grim about that because I chose the transient life.
Spring is arriving even up here and I hope your rose picks up well soon.
Cheers Gillian

Sue said...

Good idea about the rose. We just have two rats buried in the garden, Mortimer and Obi. At the moment they are surrounded by aconites and no longer shaded by ash trees as they were chopped down last year. We still haven't planted a tree for the rats late owner....