Thursday, 3 March 2011


Can't resist showing the GG on the phone to moi.
He isn't always this angelic. tho when we were Skyping [daughter and I] after a couple of tantrums and heels drumming on the floor, she drew him a dinosaur and then he sat on her lap "drawing" away for his fascinated g'ma, {"see how well he holds his pencil!"]

A high spot; a low spot was hanging the exhibition at the library yesterday.

Most group members wisely handed over their precious work and skedaddled.

As the tallest of the five small volunteers, I ended up precariously teetering on a tall ladder trying to hook the picture rail [it is an old library, probably originally a Victorian school i guess] for two and a half hours.

But exhausted triumph was short lived when the librarian returned and asked us to move everything around [2" to the left?].
We exited with a merryish wave and left poor J to accompany the librarian round again.
She claimed that for insurance purposes we had to personally put up the work in case it fell and injured someone. Thanks
In the end librarian agreed that she would move it if J just touched it last.
Hilarious, poor J was there for another 2 hours "touching".

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carol said...

So beautiful! Such bright eyes.

Loved the Hangers Tale.