Friday, 24 June 2011

stitched up

I am afraid the three fossicking fossil panels combined against me and are now one. Went and sawed off a bit of dead tree to hang them from [well Retired Person did the manly work]. There were three dead elms down by the river, bleached white and bark-less by the wind, but we could only reach the lower branches so not quite as dramatic as I envisioned, but maybe they will clean up.

Here are the four books, each with a page of each of the 24 members. I realised after hours of faddling trying to get something interesting from some printing on fabric that actually i should have chucked it and done four fat ladies instead. But you know how it is, hours spent - so hard to chuck.

And this is the Family Tree, very much work in progress. I would like to stitch a wise old saying about trees...fruit....women.....on the trunk, if anyone has any suggestions. All I can think is "the fruit never falls far from the tree" but not sure is it is sufficiently gnomic.

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carol said...

I love the soft blues of the fossils and those books are very pretty. All this must take hours. I'm very impressed.