Wednesday, 24 August 2011

sea monsters

Not too much to report, summer doldrums. No earthquakes thus far.
The only one I felt was when I lived in Durham years ago and it shivered briefly at 3 .6 or something in the middle of a dark Northern night.
The earthquakes in the East of America do make me quake for my two offspring in the West, especially as one lives in a basement on top of the St Andreas Fault.
His birthday soon, what does one buy for an adult son with no hobbies except computers and pool and beer, too far to send a new cue and it might get arrested as an object likely to be hostile if waved.
I saw a duvet cover with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben design but I am not sure he has a duvet, just curls up with his cats and cans I suspect.
I have drawn a couple of sea horses.
After getting the shape from the net I inked and painted them on tracing paper so they were a bit translucent, maybe. Then printed them on cotton to add to a sea scape I have been toying with and stitched them down rigorously.
Sea horses are rather attractive little creatures so I am glad i thought of them and may make some cards as I have lots of extras
Youngest family member was also a fascinating water creature, drip drying, mother thought, while she went to get towels.
When she returned he had found all her creams and potions of which she has many and spread them far and wide.
I can't persuade daughter that just because it says "natural" on the pot if won't also be full of strange chemicals so she is constantly adding new pots of deep "goodness" which of course being young and beautiful she has no need of.
Now she will have fun replacing them all.


carol said...

Three charming water sprites, but what a cheeky face one of them has!

carol said...

Ps. If you find out what's wrong with your car maybe you could let me know. Sometimes I'm afraid mine's so in tune with me it's got old-ladyitis!