Thursday, 15 September 2011

Educating Arches

Andy Goldsworthy crops up as one blunders around the countryside, except when he proves to be Richard Long as I have got my artists in a tizz.

He was born round here [Dum and Gallers] and returned from triumphs to erect these strange arches. They are Striding Arches apparently and apart from this one anchored in a byre [but trying very hard to get in - or out] they are dotted around the hills.

We drove seven nerve shattering miles thru the forests on a day mercifully without rain or we might be stuck there still] up and down a rutted track. Felt like pioneers till we were passed by the post office van.

Somehow it was rather underwhelming, I am sure when they [students etc] were labouring mightily day after day to erect these things they felt deeply fulfilled. The arches are meant to represent how the Scots have always strided [striden?] out around the world, fearing no man, but altho the sand stone is skillfully cut, and the key stone expertly placed, the surrounding forest and terrifying journey to see them did seem more significant.

But there again I expect that is partly the point.

We also trundled round the by ways searching for the Twelve Apostles. Standing stones from pre-history.

When we finally found them lolling ignored in a sheep field, looking like a circle of very badly cared for broken and grey teeth, we wondered if the Scottish gods were having a laugh.........however as with everything -it was the journey that really counted.

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carol said...

Glad to hear Scotland is giving you some interesting experiences and a bit of sunshine. We seem to have been ignored by hurricane Katya luckily but it's been very wet.