Wednesday, 23 November 2011

two beauties

The cats have landed. So great having them around. They have been fostered, very caringly for about 6 months we were told, nobody wanted to take two cats together. The foster mum had two big boys of her own who will be relieved to see them go, it took me some time to realise she meant two tom cats.

She is deeply into cats, said she had to move from one house when her previous cat died, she just couldn't stay.

Her husband is Spanish, so presumably thinks it is an English affliction.

She claimed our new babes didn't really seem to know their names [Immi was short for Imogen she thought] but I have taken the liberty of re-naming them Gert and Daisy.

They were two comedians during and after the WWII, that I presume I remember from Workers' Play Time, a dread comedy show on the wireless when I was a kid. They were played by Elsie and Doris Waters, sisters to Dixon of Dock Green.

Daisy is the big beautiful black and white one, Gerti is the slinky beautiful tortoiseshell.

So far [day 2] they have explored the house but are a bit nervous of eating, either that or they disapprove of my choice of cat food.

They do eat it at night, I suspect Daisy has first dibs.

Cooing these names at them at every opportunity seems to be working, already they come when called, and so far it hasn't driven RP mad.

They do seem to like walking on my key board, sleeping on my stitching and last night one of them must have walked over RP's switch board and turned all his computers off. Energy saving too!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Daisy and Gertie! You are going to love your new, artistic mama.

carol said...

How lovely - i would love to have even one cat. Cat=asthma sadly, also our area is too close to a road that sees a lot of cat slaughter. I live enjoy yours vicariously.

I remember Gert and Daisy, sort of.

carol said...

Live = will. This pad rewrites what I write if I'm not careful!

Gillian said...

They sound delightful. They will soon learn their names and you will soon learn their favourite catfood. It's usually the expensive one in the tiny tins!
Cheers Gillian