Saturday, 10 December 2011


Xmas - again. Not much to look forward to really, just more life [hopefully and which can't be bad, I am grateful, honest] but no Daunting Daughter, Gorgeous Grandson or Cycling Son. Just him indoors, me and mother. Plus the cats of course. We have opened the cat flaps now, but so far they have taken one look at the outside world and declined. They would rather sit in the window and continue to promise the birds what they will do to them - one day. Loudly and with much tail twitching and teeth chattering.

Gerti has discovered Fire.

I have down loaded the pattern for the jumper Sarah wears in the Killing, as I have actually finished my Jayne Hat on same mysterious knit in circles needles [shorter ones]. Obviously it is too big as the pattern was for a pin head, so I added some stitches, then some more, maybe too many. I know I can undo and knit up again as it takes very little time, and even at my age I have some time to spare. But, I can't make myself frog it, note technical term learnt from Heidi.

It does suggest tho, that if I attempt Sophie's jumper it will not end up the right size, as usual...............and I do have other things to cock up first.


Gillian said...

Oh! you too. I have just frogged the start of a cabled sleeveless top for the third time. I can't follow the cable pattern. I'm not sure what is the front or back of the knitting, which is where the cable needle goes.
Tigger has been chattering at a lovely blackbird today and lolling in front of the fire and then watching TV. Your's seem to be settling in well.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

I so envy you folk with your cats - and even your knitting, but no point in gurning, I shall find other things to charm, and I've got plenty of cooking to keep me busy.