Thursday, 22 December 2011

cat trix

Still besotted with the cats.

Gertie has a fairly amazing trick where she jumps up at a closed door handle [horizontal bar shape] and clings on till her weight pulls the handle down and the door opens

Wish we could catch her at it for YouTube but she chooses her times. Last time was opening the bedroom door at 5 a.m. this morning.

Daisy's only oddity, so far, is that she runs into the bathroom whenever I am on the loo and sits purring on my lap.

Got to go and do the veggie shopping tomorrow, doubtless the shops will be very busy as folks seem to panic and act as if they have to stock up for a siege, where actually the shops hardly shut at all.

Turkey is waiting for us until Saturday at the village butchers.

Bought a cheap reprint ppb of a Jonathon Kellerman,- The Web - at the Co-op, goodness knows where they get them from. It was only £1.99; not much cop IMO, so possibly overpriced after all.

Also chose new Belinda Baeur [that doesn't look right] as a pressi when I wandered into Waterstones [some kind of magnetic field Hadron Collider should investigate]wrapped now so can't check. Her last two were excellent, so couldn't resist, which was silly as I can smell Xmas Book Tokens coming my way. Going to need a good book to get me thru.

Walked by river today, sunny and mild and many oyster catchers and redshanks and curlews and LBJs to keep us company. Can't take a cat for a walk, which is just as well for birds, Gert and Daisy still gnash their teeth daily at the window at all feathered friends. So far they have only caught spiders in the bathroom, which is very laudable .


Gillian said...

Clever Gertie! I've had more than one cat that likes sitting on the loo with me. Tigger appears from nowhere when I open a toilet door.
Chattering at the birds is a wont of hers too. In fact we opened the loft ladder for her to go up into the roof and stir up the jackdaws recently and she now calls for it to be opened.
Love all your ladies. You're so right about their shape.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Perhaps the loo is the place they know won't get covered by sewing and you won't get up for a while - or perhaps she's just weird! Love the ladies!