Sunday, 1 January 2012

Out and about

I am not sure if this will frighten the horses, however this is the result of an horrifically social week culminating in several gin and tonics.

Xmas was quiet, just me, him, mother, 2 cats, Miss Haversham [our Xmas tree drooping with fading garlands in the corner] and a large turkey.

The in-laws Diamond Wedding anniversary was ..........decorous, contained, respectable, mediocre food and forced chat. I could go on, but brother and sister in law did that ...went on endlessly, so i won't.Did you know you get a card from the Queen for your 60th anniversary, with a picture of the Queen on it and special instructions to the post man.?

New Years Eve was cheerier; we had a meal with friends on a gun boat in the harbour. It was built in Bruges in 1898, was interned in the First World War; sunk and seized by the Germans in WW2 in 1940, recovered and returned to Antwerp and became a hospital ship in the 50s...not sure which war, Korean? and then in the 70s fitted out as a "party ship". Rather degrading but maybe it enjoyed a bit of frippery.

Now it is a French restaurant.

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carol said...

Love the big laugh! Good way to start the year!