Saturday, 7 January 2012

shock & awe

Quite an eventful few days, starting with me machining [sewing] thru my my left hand middle finger. Shock and awe, rather than pain. Turned the wheel and pulled it out, followed [more like a bad joke] by the thread still threaded thru my finger. Happily I just missed my finger nail so clenched teeth and plasters, + hot sweet tea were all that was required.

My advice - don't try this at home.

Finally got to see the Gorgeous G'son, via Skype, he is growing up so fast. Daughter starts as a classroom assistant at a posh private kindergarten next week, GG starts in the tinies class. Last week they had a preview, daughter got on OK, only briefly distracted by flash out of corner of her eye of GG racing across the hall pursued by hapless tinies class teacher.

Fingers crossed that they both settle.

Went to my first two stitching groups of the new year and both were very convivial, Xmas spirit still surviving apparently, even I was cheery.

Did some printing making a stencil with plastic stuff ironed onto silk organza, using the result as a kind of screen print. Quite mucky, but got a result, as did we all, so good start to year.

Windiness has meant loss of electricity for friends; a tree down from our garden, into the lane below, for us.

Latter was alarming as RP entered from the wind, rain and darkness with the information and the look in his eye that he expected help.

Once I would have revelled proving I am as strong and able as any gent but I am an old girl now and we have our pensions to pay unemployed youngsters to do for me. However it seems he was concerned someone would imminently drive into it. What are headlights supposed to be for.

Snarky words ensued. I compromised by using my bad temper to stamp off the ivy clad branches and tugging out of the way. IMO the trunk was neatly aligned by the side of the lane and could wait till morning. RP felt as a good citizen he should tug it up the lane onto a grassy bit.

I left him to it.

Decided my rage was probably misplaced and would not cover me with glory so held my tongue about whatever it was that had upset me.

Silence often speaks loudly, even shouts.


carol said...

Ouch! Shuddery. Needed sweet tea after just reading about it. Dangerous art form yours! I'm so glad it didn't go through the nail (entirely selfishly because I would have hated hearing about that!)

I tried shifting a fallen tree once - felt very stupid when I found how much a fully grown Scots pine can weigh! You are having more fun with the weather than us it seems - luckily we have missed most drama on the coastal fringe.

Gillian said...

I felt chilled at the thought of the needle. I'm nursing a grated knuckle with very little stiff upper lip.I think needle through finger is best left to xmas cracker jokes.
Hope it doesn't linger.
No impact of wind hereabouts but it whistles down the chimneys loudly at night.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Puckish afterthought: I always knew you were very attached to your work!