Saturday, 3 March 2012


Can avoid my short story this morning for reason no. 567, there are men in the garden.........putting in a new pipe for the water. Much noise and disruption and lots to look at through my window behind this computer.
The buildings here are originally Victorian and so are the pipes I guess. When they put the water meter in some years back, [which we refuse to have connected just cos we want to make a stand for expensive self defeating individualism], they showed me the connecting pipe, two thirds full of gunge. Yuk, explains our dribble of water pressure.
Some years later after losing continuous arguments with Water People, we have ganged up with the 2 neighbours and are paying for same Water Board sub-contractors to put in a new pipe privately.
Police, NHS, Education - private enterprise is all the rage.
Just fortunate that we can afford it.
Quite funny yesterday tho, we had agreed with church that it will be OK to dig pipe line across church yard. Yup, they checked, no funerals, christenings, weddings [no income at all] so we had the go ahead.
Sadly they had forgotten the Women's Day of Prayer.
Irate woman berating bemused pipe men as they drilled and dug right outside.
Just fortunate I was out.

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