Sunday, 24 June 2012

dispatches [poo,wee and love]

We set up a run on the grass so Callie can get some sun, next door provided a sunshade, all very lovely.  Like a toddler [very] Callie is only happy in company, eating or asleep. 
Today it is cold wet and grey, I may put her outside while I clean the conservatory tiles before mother arrives.
 It can feel irritating at times to suddenly be tied to a small shouty demanding creature that just has to look at you to make you feel guilty for even having a negative thought.It is another month I think before she is allowed out and about and has the opportunity to discover the wide world as her potty. 
Think of the troubles that will bring. 
The cat basket finally finds a fan.


Anonymous said...

She could not be any more adorable! God makes babies cute so we don't abandon or cook them. Labs are my most favorite type of dogs and she'll grow up within no time.

carol said...

I can almost smell the sweet puppy smell. I'm glad you put in the bit about small shout needy people otherwise I'd have to such out to get one. I bought shrubs instead!! They won't be shouting for rain that's for sure.

Have fun with squashy pupkin.( I know you will!)

carol said...

Not 'such' but 'rush' - I wish it were possible to edit the comments.....

Gillian said...

What a darling! Yes the training can get tiresome, specially when you can't explain things to them.
But well worth it all in the end.
Look forward to more of her.
Cheers Gillian