Sunday, 17 June 2012

sewing instructions

 On Friday we went to Colchester to the new oddly shaped, bronze roofed gallery, to see an exhibition of South American stitching.  Only half a dozen pieces, bold and slightly intimidating, rather like the gallery, which otherwise was largely empty. Had the requisite Roman Mural under glass and some contemporary sculpture.  Most disturbing a grey pile splodged on the floor, which proved to be the atomised remains of an aircraft engine. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
The walls all slope outwards, very tall and white,  of course nothing can sensibly be displayed on them.  Also a cafe, bit bleak in it's middle class understatement.  Point one to the S Americans.  The loo was interesting in that the sinks were merely a communal slop[e]ing, plastic, flat surface,  tap water slides away down to a grill at the far edge.  Not seen the like before, but maybe they are already last years sensation in London.........

 The Embroidery Posse relaxes replete with culture.


carol said...

I love the Singer advice to sewing ladies!

Gillian said...

So I shouldn't put my lipstick on until after I've done the washing up?
Wish I'd known that.
Cheers Gillian