Saturday, 13 October 2012

Knit and Stitch and other excitements

 Another Fine Art week bites the dust, each day feels like a brick in ……my yellow brick road?  Maybe. 
Monday I used the Huge drills and sanders to make a rather wonky box, and get ticked as being proficient with the machinery.
Not in the least true. 
Afternoon was a lecture on the theory of colour, absorbing but very cerebral and definitely over the heads of the Kennel Club [pet lovers] who chatted up the back.
Tuesday we should have had an outing in the pm, but that got postponed, so we spent all day in the Print Room, again supposedly getting to know the Huge Printing presses and various techniques.  This means Lots of small sketches, [or sketches of cats and skulls from the Young Ones] and dashing round printing them up in various ways.  Very irritating and I spent an increasing amount of time sulking in corners and dripping blood over my lino print.
Wednesday was better, Life Drawing naked man, plus a side order of skeleton.
The Knit and Stitch on Thursday [source of all these pics].  Coach was quite swish and full of older ladies I had never seen before but must live locally, as no-one spoke to me I still don't know who they are. 
Ally Pally was good, interesting stitch artists shows and I didn't spend too much IMO
Friday at SLAPPERS [my textile group], so good to touch base again.   

Saturday, today………….knackered, and with piles of homework.

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