Wednesday, 27 March 2013

dead or alive

My three Graces have decayed into their Dance of Death.  One is painted with walnut ink, one with the ink and wax and the third with plaster and ink. Wondering whether to stitch them a bit or add danglies, but fear they will become too zombie like.

The phrase on the shroud is taken from Elizabeth Parker's "sampler" [at the V&A.  This is her last  line.  Mostly tea and walnut ink.  Sadly have run out of the ink.
Am trying to do this figure from wire and plaster. Tutor kindly welded 3 struts of scrap metal together, as it is the holidays, I am attempting to plaster it at home.  Very messy. Him Indoors kindly screwed the feet to the base so it would stand up [I do know the true worth and purpose of men = to do the things I can't or won't do] and I slaved away all day,.
Dog was very perplexed, couldn't see the sense in it at all, can you eat it, does it go walkies, so what on earth do you think you are achieving!?
It needs a lot of work, or the doggie may be right.  It also has a dramatic wobble which won't please Him Indoors.It is called Please don't Stare at the Sun......


carol said...

As long as doggie doesn't mistake it for a tree!

Interesting if rather grizzly stuff.

By the way, I find 'In the Flesh' painful - so sad. Maybe it's not funny enough to offset the awfulness. Why is it I can take vampire undead but not those suffering from partially dead syndrome?

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

I agree. I delayed watching it thinking it would be too scary, but it is rather good and original which is not easy in the genre, but it is upsetting.......clue, vampires live forever, if they dodge the spike.

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

which begs the question what happens to those with PDS, tune in to find out, suspect it won't be fun.

aki umstead said...

sun to son