Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Change to Move

So I have started "Altering" the books.  It is an odd activity, although I haven't ever been very careful of my books, I do respect them in my way.  Can't bear to throw them away, at the very most donate to Charity.  But now here I go taking a book and drawing, scribbling on it even.
 In my case I see it as a loosening activity.  I have chosen 3 books that appealed to my imagination and am hoping that I will be stimulated within their pages to transform them into "my" sketch books.
Thus the Mother book will look at what it means to be a woman and a mother.....
The little red book is household hints which i think is going to lead me down the path of examining expectations, cliches, assertions, about how we should behave, that kind of thing. 
And Rothko's notebook will help me develop arty farty thoughts, tho the following second pages mentioned "father" and I had to record 2 phrases I remember my father saying.............
It is all meant to be informal and to knock out my self -censor "is that good enough, worth saying, rubbish?" 
It doesn't matter, I shall just doodle hopefully, but with a focus that comes from outside and not feel I am wasting time or trying too hard.......
 I did this acrylic painting this morning.  A person jumps off our local bridge rather regularly.  Recently Him Indoors/Retired Person was driving home only to find the police shutting the road to protect the body in the road.  

Later I went back to take photos of the sad bunches of flowers left for his memory and have wanted to do a painting ever since.  This is the first draft, but i suspect it won't change much as it was already in my mind exactly like this.

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carol said...

It's a knockout of a painting. Not wishing to get gushing but I do think it says everything.

The book project looks very stimulating. I'm wondering if I could do something like that with just words. Dammit though - I'll have to buy the books in as I only have ones I really want left now... that was a missed opportunity! would have brightened my days of bookshop sitting!