Sunday, 7 July 2013


When we were down in my lovely Hastings in June we went to the newish Art Gallery to see a retrospective of William Scott, British painter [1950/60s, St Ives etc] and I was really taken with his monumental and slightly threatening nudes,
so I have started one of my own.

I really like the abstraction of the figure, it's what I need to make a break for freedom...........the board was already mucked up with lots of sticky evidences of past errors so I gessoed over the top in white [texture!]then went for it with the palette knife.


carol said...

Rather More-ish. (See what I did there?)

Alison Couchman said...

It looks like someone sat solidly and determinedly in place until you get to the little legs - love the contrast. Now trying to decide if the figure is about to leap up and run off or not . . . .