Thursday, 4 September 2008

red with anger

It is blustery today, sudden sunshine then black clouds, the washing was almost dry when I lost my nerve and brought it in.
Big push to finish work for the Seven Deadly Virtues exhibition.
Have done a triptych on Awakening Anger, unfortunately it is a bit more Awankening as I first spelt it. It was a long horizontal work, which might have interested Coffeespooners present interior decorating requirements, but I thought sagely - who would want a long horizontal piece, so I cut it up..........Timing is everything, as we know.
Finally I stitched each face to a gold fabric covered board and sent them on their way [not rejoicing]. The scarlet threads of Anger flood the photo as usual, not sure what it is about red, or how to deal with it more successfully.
Another piece is also lengthier than high, Envy Lurks, takes a remarkably clear pic, as it is rather dark, in all senses.
Eastern Region Textile forum has a competition [saints preserve us] to stitch a postcard on the subject On The Doorstep. It has to be 5" x 7" which is an odd size to start with.
I did think of a Stabbed Body lying across the doorstep, but may settle for a Rough Sleeper. I suspect there will be many beautiful garden views so I have to think of something different, or be upset when my garden isn't up to scratch.
I should be thinking of making some more traditionally sized fabric postcards and bookmarks for the local craft show. I don't think Envy Lurks will quite cut it.
We [me, him and Hattie] go away fro a week on Saturday, maybe the South coast will inspire me, if i can see thru the rain.

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carol said...

High impact stuff! I think the title appealed to you! Your earlier comment about being given a bizarre title which suddenly pulled all your work into form caused me lots of deep thoughts about Self and Personality, which I won't bore you with here, but had a lot to do with finding a self-image that unites all my sub-personalities!

I love your work.