Wednesday, 29 October 2008

radio news

I am still suffering [well it is tender] from my pneumonia jab. Is it because the needle did go in as efficiently as the painless flu jab, or is the pneumonia a bigger bug? Who knows.
It is a funny jab to have, as i guess it is to guard against me getting debilitated in my old age with a survivable illness, and then popping off with the pneumonics instead.
I would guess some old persons are quite relieved for the quiet escape it affords, if they have been in a terminal position. I shall just have to bang my head on the wall instead.
There is a woman on the wireless today trying to get the Law Lords to clarify the Suicide Law, in that if someone helps you to achieve it they could go to prison, at least the suicidee is no longer a criminal in the afterlife.
She has progressive MS and says she either has to do away with herself while she is still able, or cling on till she finally can't stand it and have her partner escort her to Switzerland where she can be assisted to die, but then Mr Plod would come to call.
Although i guess a Catholic might still wag fingers, and what do Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists etc. all makes total sense to me, except it is the old "slippery slope" argument.
Maybe she has to do-it-herself earlier than she would wish rather than open the opportunity for the old or weak to be bumped off early by others.
This news item seems to be rated of less relevance to our ears by the BBC [Big British Castle] than a huge furore about 2 comics who said something salacious on a late night radio show. They did go too far, leaving messages on another actors answer phone during their programme saying one had screwed his grand daughter [she does sing in the Satanic Sluts, but her g'father does not!].
Not nice, bullying, should never have been broadcast [it was pre recorded and could have been edited] but now there are 10,000 complaints [only 2 from those listening at the time] and the country is in uproar, and the 2 stupid blokes have been suspended [not by their goolies - yet]- whoops - I hear the tumbrels being oiled.


carol said...

Viral Pneumonia is No Fun - I know 'cos I've had it. It involved v. high temp and hallucinations. Scary.
On the other hand the Brand/Ross thing is FUN FUN FUN!
I love a bit of outrage me!

Heide said...

The state I live in, Washington, currently has an initiative on the ballots regarding assisted suicide. This is hard because imo it isn't a black and white issue. Concerns regarding insurance companies encouraging euthanasia as opposed to costly treatments or greedy relatives taking advantage of elderly family members are prime caveats against such a bill. Then again, watching a loved one waste away while suffering seems inhumane and intolerable. Perhaps part of the problem, here at least, would be eliminated if the medical professionals here didn't balk at prescribing pain killers for those in need. Concerns about addiction have made it so that doctors are tight-fisted with many drugs.
Sorry to hear about your shot woes. Back when I was in the military we used to have to routinely receive Yellow Fever and Typhoid shots. They made one ache for a week following those injections.