Thursday, 6 November 2008

Had a good birthday few days in Walberswick.
A November sea, glistening with sunshine, it didn't rain, us Scorpios have to take what we can get.

Doggy enjoyed it greatly, which is obviously the main thing.

Bought a fitted indigo quilted jacket from Blue Willi [Scandinavian they can't help it] and a "boiled wool" capey coat from Oska - also foreign and all the better for it when you look at what is in the High street these days, mutter!

That's more or less the end of the birthday money, tho i may squeeze out a pair of boots.
Followed up with yet another Textile exhibition. We SLAPPERS [Stitchers, Lacemakers And Patchworkers Practice Embroidery in Suffolk] motored over to Braintree and saw Zero3, which was interesting. This person's was my fave , she paints and prints with bleach. With this one sh had just "marked" the cloth with a felt tip, felt a bit guilty there was no stitching and machined some lines. Always a dilemma for a textile artist oh dear, I have not done any sewing, is paper fabric? etc. The last was done in layers and prints from very old children's' clothes pattern packets, if you see what i mean.


carol said...

Wonderful images.

carol said...

PS. Deep jealousy over new clothes.... I looked up Oski - interesting!