Saturday, 8 November 2008

Barry, Gordon and Sarah go adventuring

Stayed up to hear Ohio, then slept till 5 am when I woke in serendipity to hear Barry's speech, lying in bed tears leaking down my face.
That poor man sure does have a weight on his shoulders, I saw him with some of his new proposed colleagues next day and suddenly had a flash of a defeat. Can anyone achieve what he must?
Here our great leader had a rain-check on his ignominious surrender as he won the Scottish seat we all assumed he would lose. I guess his status has swelled as we see him striding thru the financial morass where he feels comfortable and capable.
Maybe he will develop the confidence and transfer some of that good judgement to not introducing things like the 10% tax debacle or the future fiasco of trying to introduce identity cards.
Meanwhile what of Sarah Palin, a welcome target for misogynists and her own lack Who knows, she could find a home in Fox News I suppose, become a shock jock or maybe just read a few books, or even newspapers before she tries again in 4 years.

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