Wednesday, 12 November 2008

destination nevada

I had a Mrs Bean of a morning.

Started by stopping by the bins awaiting collection, to add one more thing. Car door swung further than I expected, bumped into our bin which in turn toppled neighbours bin. Garbage all over driveway.

At docs I tried to avoid garrulous acquaintance and failed when she inadvertently managed to ignore all other chairs and sit next to me. Newspaper did not provide sufficient cover, and it is the Guardian too. Failed in this case.

Doc gave me some ointment for sore eye, and doggy and I cavorted off for walkies, avoiding bins, till screeching to a halt, having remembered I hadn't picked up the Working man's pills from pharmacy.

Return to docs with disappointed dog.

No Money.

Scuttle to Post Office and have to queue for centuries behind jovial mad man depositing his life savings in small change plus as many merry quips as he could dredge up.

Finally collected pills and arrived at river bank where a change into wellies at last achieved our dream.

Back home in the afternoon i argued with mother to keep us both in trim and became Disgusted Customer when the two jumpers I ordered have not turned up, man on phone said he wasn't allowed to reveal possible delivery date....................helpful.

We are somewhat nervy this week, contemplating what to pack for the trek ahead, not two new jumpers obviously.

M advises taking full luggage allowance, then when a big dirty pile of worn clothing has been compiled, post it back home and buy lots of lovely new clothes to pack in the space made available for return flight.

Probably not, with the state of the £ v $ at the mo.

We have had to upgrade the hire car to a 4x4 when we remembered we have to drive over mountains up to 8000' to get to daughter, that's an extra £300. Not that they ever give you the same car they promised.

Poor Working Man has to remember how to drive an automatic on the wrong side of the road and get us safely out of San Francisco at the same time.

Daughter says she is 1cm dilated, but head isn't engaged, much the same here.

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Sue said...

I'm joining the Mrs Bean Club - two idiot men brought bed - in pieces and attempted to assemble it with wrong tools = cockeyed screws - mattress did not fit - lights had foreign plug on and they wouldn't fit bedside shelves - dream shattered - major disappointment. Mr Bean came home, cut plug off, put english one on and promptly blew the lot! Argh!