Sunday, 14 December 2008

Big women have their uses

I am so jet lagged, I feel as if I am made of very thin glass that is just about to shatter. The first night home I slept well, at approximately the appropriate time, but since then [2 nights] I don't think I have slept at all, except when I conk out, delirious, mid afternoon for an hour.
Fortunately the Test Match is on, [us v India] starting at 4am, so I can put the ear piece in and relax, except when Sehwag is batting obviously.
Tonight i must search out the Valium the doc gave me for the flight home, didn't send me to sleep then, but surely it will work in the safety of my own bed.
I ventured out to walk the dog for the first time today, [she seems to have enjoyed her holiday with Mother and visa versa] - it is astonishingly cold and wet, great muddy puddles and an ruthless wind.
It seems Reno now has snow [but of course as everyone chants it is a different kind of dry coldness] shame we missed it, but Driver is probably relieved not to have to negotiate the mountains thus decorated.
When with daughter i returned to type quite quickly and unravelled the wires involved in supporting some of her Shower gifts and made a "pregnant woman" .
Wrapped and stitched with a spare skein of wool. Unfortunately Daughter felt she should keep her facsimile, to remind herself of what once was, which was a bit of a shame as we have an exhibition planned called at the mo "Big Women", but I guess I can repeat the experiment.
We are charged to make a "vessel" for another exhibition, perhaps I could construct a Big Woman vase.
A functional piece of art is often easier to sell than a wall hanging, that people worry about how to keep clean; - answer - blow on it occasionally.
A linked group of women could surround a vase.
I do so enjoy making soft sculpture, but I need to find outlets or sink beneath the woolly limbs.


Sue said...

I love those wrapped women! Still have my fat woman vase you made. You could borrow it back for the exhibition...

chillsider said...

which one??? gg

Sue said...

woman yawning with arms akimbo, pale blue streaky glaze, will send piccy