Wednesday, 17 December 2008

still moaning

Jet lag is a nasty thing, - Go West, young woman is fine, - coming back is torture.
One tip is to ask for an Asian "special" meal. I can't stand the cubes of something they dignify as meat, nor the squishy cheese lump that passes as vegetarian. But Asian means i get spicy vegetables and rice, almost enjoyable. Tho the hostesses do seem non plussed by my lack of burka, and search far and aisle before accepting it really is for me; probably get myself on the Homeland Defence list for person of interest as well.
I watched 3 films and read 1 book on the daylight flight out, lots of activity to divert me from my fear, but driving home in the dark, above the clouds is ghastly, lonely and horrid.
I did manage to cram a book into my eyeballs, tho I doubt it troubled my brain much, can't remember what it was. Yes I can, Jesse Kellermans last one, fatal flaw - unbelievable plot.
Also watched Hancock, which was mildly amusing but not as good as when he had a HHHalfhour on the wireless.
Man Who Works decided to get a heavy dose of flu as soon as we got home, so he hasn't as yet turned up at the office. As he is soon to retire he will become Man Who Doesn't Work Any More, which will be a change of life style for us both.
Apparently both offspring separately developed Winter Vomiting Virus as we left, and it seems many hospital wards here are closed because of same, so i am clinging to my health with whitened knuckles.

Hopefully the Young Mother has recovered from the squits and not passed it on to Young Father or youngest member

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