Sunday, 28 December 2008

Figures of Speech

Couple of shiny days keeps good humour aloft at home, but not in the Gaza Strip, or many other places if I could bear to pay attention.
Are they all hot and sunny, does the Northern Hemisphere at least encourage us to stay indoors - and watch old war movies........

Spent some time today trying to clear back the stitching detritus ready for the New Year, many many pins and a varied selection of needles found their way back into the correct place.
In the never ending search to improve on the Venus of Wollendorf I made a very sturdy female, who is now my pin cushion. I can happily stick pins all over her - except the breasts and head. Too close to home to risk any voodoo.

I am making a trio of Big Women, which I May call the Three Dis-Graces, as i find it hard to resist a quip. I would really like to make one 6' tall, but I need a Sponsor! or at least someone willing to give it a home.
If our Big Women Exhibition comes off next year I will at least be able to offer many and varied Tummies, plus a few Pot Bellies from my clay days.

I am desperate to make a large Artemis too, at least my obsessions are mainly harmless, not genocide or ......................

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