Sunday, 4 January 2009

to dongle or not to dongle

Here we are in Norfolk, mostly at 0 degrees [centigrade for foreign readers who use the measurement I was taught as a child] it is bitingly cold.
I am wearing a vest, 2 jumpers a padded jacket and a padded coat, because it is not a nice dry cold here, it is horribly damp and invasive. hattie the dog is obviously dressed and ready for anything at any time.
The much vaunted "dongle" does work, but only if we go to the pub on the hill[Him Who Is Now Retired] swears he has not fixed it thus. It just refuses to receive it's signal down in our cosy cottage by the shore.
We have walked all the byways and beaches within reach in true British fashion, best foot forward - whatever the weather. The sun is a low white disc on the horizon glittering thru the clouds with a raw nervous energy, rarely chasing shadows.
That's it really, long healthy walks, some fairly nice food, regular beers and coffees and the routine migraine that appears whatever the weather, also.
Have read 3 books, really enjoyed American Wife. P complained as it is based on Mrs Bush, and she doesn't know how accurately. I wasn't bothered as I thought it had some nice observations on the compromises necessary in a marriage. Next 2 books covered the necessary strategies necessary to catch your serial killer. I could do with my Mrs Gaskell now as an antidote, but have left her at home.

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Sue said...

That's my sort of scenery, not a hill to be seen.