Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Why do hotel mirrors have that strip light above them which turns every face into a Plague victim?

I am suffering doubly, as many many photos of the new baby are being taken - some include his granny. Comparisons between his beautiful skin and my aged body cover cannot be avoided.

Our diet is somewhat out of our control, sometimes we cook, but mostly daughter and son-in-law make the decisions.

Last night we had authentic burritos from a Mexican joint that only seemed to serve other Mexicans, so we were interested in widening our culinary experience.

Hmmmmmm - mine contained a grey mass that might have gone neigh, if it could get itself back together. The very large rectangle reminded me of the suet pudding [with jam] we used to be served at school, and dubbed "dead baby in a blanket". I didn't think it was appropriate to mention my wander down memory lane at the time.

I guess it was the equivalent of a Cornish pasty, but this one at least was not as tasty.

I bought some fruit to up our vitamin C, this included the biggest sweetest Granny Smith apples I have ever seen. The Supermarkets have so much and such varied food we stand in awe. Much of it seems to include corn syrup however, it is difficult to find anything "plain".

Last night we took daughter to Target, a huge store where they have everything, if only you could find it. hours of wandering aisles later she had collected pile of baby necessities and I got some moisturiser. The weather is still lovely, but the air is very dry, or maybe I am just drying up.

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Heide said...

Origins of mystery meat is best left a mystery. Having spent many years subjected to cafeteria and military "chow" I learned to close my eyes and swallow fast, all the while recalling Orwell's description of of the meat served in "1984". It was probably pork in the tortilla.