Monday, 1 December 2008

the kraken wakes

Reading the news from home I see that there is snow and sleet, which feels very strange, as here we sit, higher than Ben Nevis, yet bathed in sunshine. I do have on several layers so i suppose it isn't exactly sunbathing time.
Around four o'clock the temperature plummets as they say, but the snow on Rose's Face [Mount Rose, - she has a fine female profile viewed from Reno] has yet to reach the other mountains that enclose us.
Baby decided to become a monster last night and screamed with enthusiasm most of the time he wasn't feeding it seems, so new parents took him for his first checkup to make sure he wasn't a werewolf or similar.
Nope - he is a fine specimen of humanity, doing what he should.
When he has tanked up now we will rock him while they have a sleep, then we all go shopping, joy! I shall get some moisturiser, this mountain air is dry.
Saw 3 eagle like birds this morning wheeling above the pigeons, above the river, some guy told us the were Umac birds, which is a bad joke I half remembered so we didn't get too badly caught.

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