Sunday, 30 November 2008

warning - bears in the woods

Baby and parents have survived the night and are moving towards the stage of familiarity, I already feel redundant, which I suppose is good.

New father is fashioning a beard from an abandoned Halloween party costume, so he can take a photo of baby thus enhanced, as all his friends were convinced his offspring would emerge as hirsute as his father.

Baby's auntie came today, with her just out of Boot-Camp-Marine-son. He is on a short visit before flying off to confront the men with serious beards. He looks almost as young as Baby, and has even less hair, as he is shaved to the brain. A very sweet agreeable young man, but I guess if he can get thru Boot Camp he is sterner than he looks.

We don't really know the news here, television is almost unwatchable with adverts so often. We caught a glimpse of the bombings in India, it did make the front pages of most newspapers, even saw a small titbit about Gordon Brown and his pre tax budget, but on the whole we are floating in a bubble.
My sleep pattern got awry last night so i read a whole noisy murder book, thus a trip to barnes and noble [i am now holding baby and so cannot do capitals,] where i loaded up with a mrs gaskell to give the gore a rest, plus 3 other paper backs - excellent store.

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