Friday, 28 November 2008

Fire eater

Baby having finally put in an appearance this morning, I can at last use the time honoured phrase "we are a grandmother".
He was only five days late and only put his ma thru seven hours of torture, contractions coming on too quick and strong for the promised epidural, so daughter ploughed on womanfully and produced "au natural" which as a g'ma I could smile smugly and say "by far the best way dearie".
The midwife was very sweet and supportive, daughter had to request I exhort less loudly so she could also hear what the midwife was advising.
Now we have 10 days to pass on the lessons of a lifetime before leaving the little family to fend for itself.
It is a gloriously sunny day today, after a couple of cloudy rainy ones, the blue skies twinkle in my celebratory star earrings
Having fended off 3 sweet looking ??Jehovah's Witnesses, or maybe another variety, I didn't really give them time to get into their stride, I will blog on.
I have the house to myself, as all are engaged elsewhere at the mo, except for 2 dogs and ?4cats. I am sitting on the verandah/porch and the birds are making their usual din as they settle for the night in the garden trees.
If it wasn't so cold it would be idyllic, but it is November, which makes baby a Sagittarius, I don't know many of those.
Daughter, Man Who Works and I are all water signs, new father is a Virgo like my son, an earth sign, but new babe is a Fire sign, hmmmmmmmm just as well I don't believe any of it, except MWW and I always live and holiday by water, well almost always, g'mas are allowed to be a bit addled in their logic I expect.
We will go back and see the fiery little chap in a while, hopefully he will have latched on by then, which is all he needs to achieve for a while.
The ancient inherited family cot/crib sprung a crack this week when stuffed with a new mattress, so we have splinted it for now.
When we went to BabesRus or whatever the huge emporium was called I was flabbergasted at the amount and expense of doodahs one can buy for a new person these days. Awesome as they say, repeatedly, over here.
Young father was keen to spend up all the vouchers, given at the baby shower, before the shops went bankrupt in these uncertain times, but I suspect babies will keep appearing, and the habit of bedding them down in a drawer and handing down clothes seems to have been abandoned.
So i guess the remaining vouchers will still be bankable in a few weeks time, when daughter needs a bit of a pick you up. Altho daughter has been given piles of Onesies, as they call baby grows over here. by young mothers who swear they will never need them again.


Heide said...

Congratulations to you all and what a beautiful baby! Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Sue said...

Your blog has answered all questions I asked in my email. Enjoy your beautiful daughter and grandson.