Saturday, 22 November 2008

waiting game

Here I am in Reno, a surprisingly pretty "biggest little city in the world", one day when i have the technology I will post some pics to prove it.
At the mo I am using my daughter's Mac laptop, which she insists is easy! but they do things differently around here.
The journey in all ways was straight forward. Virgin were their usual chirpy selves, I was allowed my stitching paraphernalia without fuss, but as I watched 3 movies and read one book I didn't get much done.
Pause while daughter's computer died, husband's Dell expired on flight over, so he impulse bought a Eee, whatever that is.
Small is what it is, but mighty.
Daughter is still awaiting birth, as is half of Reno to judge by today, many friendly grins and questions as we make our rotund way around.
We took Ishtar to a dog park which none of us enjoyed much. A bleak field, no trees [imperative for doggies on would have thought] and lots of woofers, little, large and larger careering around.
Ishtar [a beautiful but elderly chow] did not appreciate the variety of noses shoved up her bum in an enquiring manner, so we did not stay long.
Another day [who knows what day it is] we took a walk with Ishtar along the Truckee river right in the centre of the city, lovely golden trees in the autumn sun, ducks and geese and "strange fruit"

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Sue said...

Great to read a post from Reno! All ears and eyes here are pointing west in anticipation of the forthcoming birth. Good luck Aki.