Monday, 16 February 2009

children's stories

This is the wall my daughter and I painted in the nursery to welcome grandson. It wasn't my idea, one does not however argue with a lady about to pod.
She obviously believes that her son should be brought up in an atmosphere of teeth [as I once heard someone? say].
She also requested some fairies, one of which you may be able to discern riding the horn. I do miss her enthusiasm now I am home in the land of understatement. If it happened here we would probably have Social Services hotfooting to her door.
Last week we were informed by that august journal The Sun [arsewipe tabloid with a nice line in cheeky headlines] that a twelve year old boy has fathered a child with a fourteen year old girl. The boy looks about 8 and the girl about 40 which adds to the gaiety of the nation.
It's happened before, as with every shock horror.
Last time, in the 90s, the kids eventually got married, still are, still with their twins in the house that they are buying.
Never can tell, unless they now find they can't afford the mortgage in these interesting times.

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Sue said...

Reminds me of the Disney mural we painted in the baby's room in Westbury. Strange that we had chosen all-American Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, while Aki has chosen dragons and fairies in the English tradition! I love it.