Saturday, 14 February 2009

cold comfort

I am thoroughly fed up and had enough of this cold weather. I have 3 jumpers on and that is not enough, I refuse to wear a woolly hat in the house.
I know Oportuknitty and family got snowed in for days, and emerged sane and intact. I do not have the survival skills.
Perhaps I would not have made that long journey in a leaky boat across the Atlantic to a new life [of course I wouldn't, I get sea sick on the ferry]
We have not even had much snow it is just COLD. The sun is shining - it LIES, when I go out it is still cold.
I have to walk the doggy every day, she doesn't even wear shoes. Where was I when they handed out .............parents who lived in warm countries.
Retired Person is out hacking down rampant ivy. He gets very smug as he repeatedly fills our brown bin and even the neighbour's brown bin. I would prefer a bonfire, but I know my front would be warmed by the flames but my backside would freeze, so i won't play.
The Lace Collars piece and the thing about women working thru the ages in the factory [bet it was cold in there in the winter] has gone off to the Steam Engine museum ready for exhibition in Spring, when the sun will be shining. Will it still be cold tho?
ALSO I can't add a suitably picture of me, dog, RP, anyone perishing in this weather because this computer apparently has Opinions and won't pick up pics any more.
What is happening to the world?!
Ah ha yes I can is I use another Browser.
"There's Always Something You Can Do" [Lemony Snicket]

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carol said...

That's what got me onto Firefox - Safari just wouldn't upload photos. It's good to see you back!

(The word verification for me today is 'splumm.' I think that's rather evocative... it should mean something.)