Friday, 13 March 2009

the Assyrians et moi

I have done a bit of sploshing on the Arches, and I wanted to echo these Assyrian wall carvings [British Museum booty] to suggest the salt marshes and reeds. hmmmmmmmmmm

Also I am finishing this colourful portrait which started when I saw a Japanese bloke who was free machining faces, a long and often boring technique which seems to please the viewer as they can see it takes time and apparently skill, so they sold well. I should never have sold my own self portrait however, I wanted to show it off and put a silly price on it and someone bought it.

Then I was left with this last face and what to do; after a visit to Freda Kahlo I wanted to to be her [the way you do, without the back ache of course, and probably without Diego Rivera, tho I am sure he was very personable] so I started the winding lock stitch in place of her exotic leaves. Maybe I have done too much, maybe not enough.

Last week I gave my SLAPPERS stitching group a workshop on............getting in touch with their emotions and thus deeper into their work [pretentious, moi?] it went well and some tears were shed to prove it - which was OK in a small group who trust each other but I must have listened to myself a bit too as I threw caution to the winds [and priorities] and went full steam ahead with another Big Woman project this week. I sketched out some dancing figures, traced them and am now moving them around to get a gleeful feel.

Hopefully it will be fun stitching them, rather than the hassle most things become after a while, but then I get to that smooth zone where I know what I have to do and for a few weeks/days - then I am engaged and easier to live with.
Or maybe not, the Three Muses below I painted and stitched and then totally lost confidence about 18 mths ago. Since then they have been pinned on the wall shouting at me to finish the grass you arse- but I just look away and mumble I can't be bothered. However the photo looks OK so maybe they can ease into my hands soon, if I can fix that leg.
Today I am off with L to try and persuade a cafe owner we know that she would do well to put up our Big Women exhibition in January.
A deadline always helps.


Sue said...

Excellent works Glen! I think the people pics are best. Therein lies your strength. The arches need something but not sure what... heavier decoration in the foreground? I LOVE the 3 muses.

Walled Garden said...

Gosh, I'm gob-smacked. You are a true talent and I now know that any efforts I make are hobbies. There is a clear line between craft and art. I can do craft and enjoy it but I have no art. You have, and although craft is enjoyable and produces pleasing and rewarding results, art comes from the heart and produces wonder.
Congratultions on being an artist.
Cheers Gillian