Sunday, 15 March 2009

Health & Safety

L and I went to M to persuade the owner of the Gallery/cafe to hold our first SLAPPERS exhibition, fortunately she agreed, so we have to get to stitching our Big Women.

I don't think she will feel comfortable with anything too controversial so it is lucky it is just us girls paddling about in the shallows. She certainly doesn't approve of the name of our group. Not even ironically.

The Quay is still in uproar [in a very English way] about the horrible fence that has been inserted to save people from themselves. All that is lacking are signs saying - don't walk off the edge, the water is cold. might get wet.

As word play is so beloved of this island race, the rebellion neatly exploited the British habit of spelling sounds in wildly differing but satisfying ways which make us all so complacent when foreigners come around.

Being a quintessentially English understated protest animals [not real] were also roped in to support the cause. probably the real swan would approve as it is much more difficult to feed the birds [real] now.
Not attractive you will agree. All because Health and Safety said the owners may get sued if someone fell in [so far there is no record going back thru out recorded history of this ever happening, but maybe in pre -history, before notices or fences were invented something might have happened, of course there wouldn't have been the insurance cover then either.

This is where we will show out stuff come the new year. But a bit soon to worry about that. A drop more global warming and the whole thing goes to pot, as I notice the fence is not even waterproof.

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