Friday, 6 March 2009

live on the edge

Went down to the Ferry cafe again for lunch, lots and lots more cholesterol. {Eventually i will learn how to spell it] Even with my statin armour i didn't eat the batter, but I did have quite a lot of chips, tho I believe they are bad for arthritis, but sometimes you just have to live dangerously. I try to avoid all that family, something about enzymes, but I wish I didn't believe it, as it also thus forbids tomatoes, aubergines, chillies, and peppers.

It was a bright day again, sun glittering on the sea, so much so that you could hardly look at it.

Saw M there, looking like a Valkyrie striding the sea wall with Henry the Labrador. She reckons she has lost 2 stone thanks to her 3 hour rampages, marching from Felixstowe and back along the coast, she doesn't have the chips either, so that must help.

The little stall opposite sells fresh fish, locally caught, maybe not the sword fish. I don't much care for fish myself, but it is improved if they have just pulled it out of the water. Poor fish.

This is the little jetty that leads to the ferry to take passengers over to Bawdsey on the other side. So I guess this isn't really the sea, it is sea water but there are sand spits and stuff on this part of the coast, keeping the vast cargo ships far out on the horizon before they risk nosing into the docks. Lots of notices along the beach proclaiming it an ASBO area for speed boaters. Presumably they are usually going too fast to read them tho.


Walled Garden said...

The batter's the best bit!
Cheers Gillian

Sue said...

You could always have a side order of mushy peas to feel less guilty. That batter looks yummy.