Friday, 6 March 2009

trip out

It is some years since I have been in a Mcdonalds. I was too early for the film, so decided to live dangerously. I instantly remembered that slight feeling of panic trying to choose which queue and what to order.........however now my kids are no longer pounding my ear drums so I was able to concentrate, breath and think at the same time.
I stuttered out my long forgotten mantra, veggie burger, fries and coke with an apology for my frantic stare, explaining i had not been on these premises for many years.
The lady took my order - and pity on me, told me to go and sit down and she would bring the food over on a tray!

Almost persuaded me to ask for a concession ticket in the movie house, but I am not going to admit my age to some flibberty gibbert - so well padded by cholesterol, and defended by my statins I sat in solitary state in the cinema and laughed and cried my way thru Slumdog Millionaire.
Brilliant, unexpectedly lived up to the hype for once. Always encouraging to see something well made. Torture scenes meant i had to close my eyes sometimes but otherwise a very good film IMO and so colourful.


Walled Garden said...

I managed to eschew the "Maccas" so conveniently placed near the cinema when I went to see Slumdog (yes it was great) last week. I haven't been to one since teaching in Oz. The students always had to stop there on field trips! Well that was my excuse.
Cheers Gillian

Walled Garden said...

Oh! and I did get a concession ticket. I've been using my bus pass quite a bit as well!!!
Cheers again Gillian

Sue said...

Shall have to wait for slumdog on DVD. But The Reader was better than the book!