Thursday, 26 March 2009


We met up with some old friends for lunch.
S and I have known each other for so long, it was lovely to see her again, always puts me in mind of Vonnegut's novel where extra terrestrials saw each other as sort of long holograms of their whole lives, the past and the present were all present.
S and D have been married nearly as long as I have known them, the 4years at the start when we were all single seem less and less present, a shared.......myth almost.
When I was in turmoil they gave me sanctuary while I lurched forward to these greener pastures.
I was at the wedding and funeral of their sorely missed youngest.
We are linked.
Our chat over lunch tended to focus hilariously on our individual decrepitudes, but the fact that we managed to stagger off for an hour and a half walk with Hattie the dog was encouraging, and D plans to cross to the Continent and take part in a cycling race across the Alps in the summer, so there is hope..................
We arrived at the meeting place via the SatNav, occasionally the nice purring voiced lady would instruct us to take a sharp left or whatever in a somewhat surprising way, which we worked out was because the roads had changed since she was given her script. It is sensible to always have the map book open too, so you don't end up in Timbuktu.
However as we sat in the pub car park, suffused with the glow of success, we noticed the SatNav was pronouncing Bow Wow on it's screen.
Maybe the machine was having some form of breakdown - however on taking Hattie up the Lane for her constitutional, we discovered it was the name of the lane.


Sue said...

It was lovely to see you too, and to see you so happy. I've just caught up with all these posts, didn't realise you would be adding blogs when you were away. I think the way you are relating to the world around you is perfect, stop worrying abou being ineffectual, you are very far from it.

carol said...

Nice to see back view of S & D.

Thanks for the advise on cameras. When I found how much a new battery for mine would cost I tried charging it again them reading the handbook - first time since I bought it three years ago! - and see that I am not using it to optimum effect, in fact have completely b*g*@rred it up. It will fly again!