Friday, 10 April 2009


It's been sunny today, at last, so that made everything seem so much better. The garden is becoming colourful, - next door dragged us into their garden so we could appreciate the full glory of our flowering bushes from their side. Nothing too special really, just pink flowering black current, forsythias and that white one - wedding veil maybe?
The primroses down the bank are really showing off among the wild blue ?narcissus bulbs and the daffodils have lasted long enough to wave at the tulips.
The Madonna lilies Auntie Cinders always asks after [she gave them to us] have finally admitted they are still alive by poking leaves above the surface, I was convinced Retired Person had squashed the life out of them with his big boots.
The magnolia is best yet, should have taken a pic while the sun was out. We planted it about 8/9 years ago, and used to count the flowers each year which in 2000 was easy, [found the pic] I reckon this is the first year they are too many to enumerate, which is very fine.

We are hopeless gardeners really, most things just grow, or don't, but we are learning slowly - so get very excited if the garden ever looks attractive, in spite of our administrations, or more likely lack of.
In the conservatory two amaryllis have burst into 3 great scarlet trumpets, each with a second bud promising more riches. They haven't flowered for a couple of years, which all goes to show what a bit of watering and tomato food can achieve, apparently they don't hold a grudge. No pic as the battery in the camera has died.

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