Friday, 10 April 2009

steam ahead

The Arches and the Cavorters are coming along, but decisions have to be made............ which is always painful. I hope that like the magnolia tree they will blossom, eventually. At the moment they are more like weeds - out of control.
I am mightily encouraged that my last 2 pieces sold this week. The Patchwork ladies at the steam engine museum [that does sound odd] and the Garrett girls in the lace collars.

The exhibition sold well as a whole as the museum had a "steam up day"........... they got the old Steam Engines working and took kids for rides round the village.

The visitors were surprised to find the bonus of the exhibition and most of them had not seen anything like it. It was great to show to a new audience, instead of other textile artists taking notes. I did mean to take photos of the other pieces, there were some really lovely designs, mostly abstract, beautiful colours and stitching. I have to steward on the last day, so I will take pics then.

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Heide said...

I adore your dancing women images. The flow, shapes and fabrics of these portraits (don't know what their official name is) are so appealing at a core level.