Tuesday, 14 April 2009


No egg rolling here, or even Chocolate eggs. RP went to church on Sunday as usual, I read books [Missing Joseph an old Elizabeth George - over egged IMO; started the new Donna Leon which I can pass on to ma for her birthday if I am careful not to spill tea on it] and swished fabrics and threads around without much result.

No kids around , but daughter and g'son are due next month so that will promote gaiety.

Don't usually go far on Bank Holidays, loads of peeps turn up at the pub by the river and resolutely sit outside on the benches tho the weather hasn't shone too much yet. Took a short trip to the other side of the river and walked Hattie the dog.
If you can see the face it is me!

Somehow the theme of pics seemed to focus on the gargoyley dead trees rather than the new green leaves.

I guess the new medication is subduing the migraine but the moody old headache is still breaking through.

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