Sunday, 5 April 2009

good day, bad day

The good news is - this family of bunnies made by me and my mother, thanks to Heide.
I don't do a lot of things together with my ma, [we don't really like each other] actually we made these separately but at least we got it together in the end and put the tails on the rabbits.
Ma is now busily knitting the squares for me to manipulate into herbivores; one of the nice things she [and other ornery old ladies] does [everyone has their good points] is make up shoes boxes of toys and knitted hats, scarves and gloves which get sent to children in need in war zones and the like, so they can now include woolly pets.

The bad news is - I crumped the car-outside the dentists. Not content with Mr Pliers taking more than twenty minutes to pull a tooth out of my poor innocent gum, I got an infection and had to go back and get antibiotics. I was worrying about what was in front of me, not what I was reversing into.


Walled Garden said...

Gosh. My mother and I don't like one another at all. I thought I was hopelessly at fault and am receiving counselling about it. My other three siblings thought I was making things up but her recent behaviour has shown them that I not.
Back to better things...well sort of...What are you knitting???

Walled Garden said...

Oh Gosh again! I forgot to say that I am so sorry about the car.
I'm not sure if I shall blog the truth about my licence being revoked and then re-instated today. It's been a long and weary one and much to do with the computer not "merging" my present self with my maiden name and my original driving licence. One of those old red cloth ones which I still have!!!
Cheers again Gillian

Heide said...

That bites about the car. I love your bunny collection. I'll be stitching two more swatches into rabbits this evening. This past week was an ass-kicker at work. That's really sad about the foundling hospital and the tokens, etc. What a great book that would all make if the lives of some of the children left there could be traced. I wonder how many were ever re-claimed at a later time.