Tuesday, 26 May 2009

plots and plans

I am watching the final two episodes of 24 as I peck, so there may be distractions, usually noisy ones. However I feel less dumb for watching such rubbish of my own free will if I am doing something else as I watch.
Usually I stitch as I watch but today the rosy ladies are resting in their Rosy Red bed, and I feel a night apart may do us good, specially them.
They are the development of the Archive piece of furnishing fabric that had blowsy pink roses, possibly not quite what the curator of the exhibition is expecting. She'd better get used to the idea or we may fall out.
Today I went up to the medieval barn where our exhibition was finishing, 3 in 3 back sadly, or not, as I am still fond of them.
My camera is lost in the maze of the menders, RP has been politely pointing out to the local shop for the last two weeks that they need to track it down and return it, with no result. So today I got on the phone to the main office in Leicestershire and gave them the benefit of my opinion. The gent was shocked at such carelessness by his compadres down South and promised to sort it. Thus no pics of the impressive barn and maybe less impressive arts and crafts within. I could have used RP's but I guess I am sulking.
I need my big pointy lens. It's not only men who need their penis substitutes maybe.
Oh dear lots of shooting, many extras hit the floor, main stars still on their feet., that's what is so reassuring I guess.
I suppose we are all the star in our own series, of many, many episodes. Many series, we can't imagine the story can do without us. As S. said recently the strangest and most unforgivable thing is that the props survive long after we have left the scene.
Wow big car crash, that prop won't survive. Good.
Paradoxically I spend a large part of each day making things that I will perhaps stay around, that's why I don't like ceramics, I keep breaking the buggers. Only fire or flood to avoid and moths.
Now they are finally using the split screen again to rack up the tension, don't know why they don't use it more often.
Life is definitely split screen, and as one gets older it is harder to keep them all checked out, which to switch off, or more likely, which go out of focus, or something nasty happens to the pixels......................but it is kind of nice to have more power as one gets older to write ones own script for a while.
Better stop before this analogy turns and bites me on the arse or appears in pseuds corner.


carol said...

What's the scale of these rosie ladies? They look jolly.

chillsider said...

As I have just notified the curator I happen to know they are 45cm x 40cm and 20 odd cm deep. ish

carol said...

I happened to have a tape measure handy so can say - that's a nice size, big enough to make a rosy glow in a room without being overwhelming.
Good luck with them.