Friday, 22 May 2009

not with a whimper

One of the exhibitions this summer includes putting some of our work in sponsors windows.
The fabric shop put 2 of mine on show, and some bloke bought both. I have shown these at other exhibitions so I was glad to see them earn their keep at last, tho it always feels sad at the same time. Another part of my "legacy" legged it.

I have been on a bit of a selling streak lately so am encouraged. If other people are willing to invest their hard earned cash I should at least gird my loins and get on with it with less whining.

I am still not in the best of moods, having lost a grandson and daughter [for now]and [re]gained a ma who has just returned from a trip to Welsh gardens, demanding to know what time is Sunday dinner.
Even in Wales it has been sunny [very unusual], daughter reports it is cooking in Reno. Son in San Francisco is conspicuous by his absence of communication, so presumably is sulking.
I guess I am sulking too, Everything feels slightly annoying which doesn't make me the best company. I am a small unexploded bomb.
The narrative unfolding of our Honourable members of Parliament has provided some light relief, if undercut by a low level drone of despair. I am the most cynical of persons but even I have been surprised by the seemingly unstoppable disintegration of belief in institutions one considered at least sturdy, if not perfect - education, banks, police, parliament.
But somehow we still plod on, our personal lives basically unchanged, so long as the creek don't rise. Maybe it has always been like this, but we didn't know so much.....assumed it was other cultures that were corrupt and inefficient.

Auntie Cinders and Uncle Ron drove up from London to visit BB. They are both 90 and still enthusiastic.
Somehow that is reassuring.
So is this!!

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Sue said...

Beautiful baby pics and such good news your work is selling. Please keep a record of who buys it G. I have tried to keep a list of every person who owns a copy of my book, its important for future history, and for when you become world-renowned...I must admit I didn't do that when i was in the craft game and now I wish I did. So please do it before its too late.