Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Shoved some rudbekia and toad lily plants into the garden this afternoon, it is a beautiful day but I am suffering badly from deprivation of daughter and BB who flew home yesterday. [Just looked up the toad lily as it sounds a bit nasty, but it looks quite nice, spotty obviously.]

Mother raised the rudbekia from seeds and like me she can't bear to throw any away, and the lilies came from the village plant fair.

Ah ha now I can hear a starling/blackbird smashing the shell of some poor snail on the garden path prior to feeding it to it's chicks, that fits my mood too.

It was very hard to say goodbye. I had to open the windows in my room so I didn't smell the sweet baby aroma as I walked in, and take their picture off the screen saver, or I would have been in continuous tears.

All I have left are the photographs [that seems to remind me of a song, but I am too irritable to pin it down]. Daughter took loads of pics and RP put them on a memory stick thing as back-up, plus put them on my machine. It is touching looking thru what she has decided to commemorate, sometimes surprising. I guess she had an affinity with this mum.


Walled Garden said...

Pigs are so much closer to humans than many other non-primates that it is a bit weird. We all seem to have a real fondness for piglets (almost as much as human babies).
They provide us with transplant parts and lots of good food. I'm an omnivore but I only buy meat from the local farm shop which specialises in pigs/pork.
Back to real reality...sorry about grandbaby-deprivation. Thank goddess that we live in the era of cyberspace communication. Bear/bare up!!! How about some lovely textile-craft piggies/babies? I don't mean to demean your art by suggesting "craft" style, saleable, small sellable items.
I love what you do and one day I will demand something I have seen you display regardless of price!!!! I think that is what makes you an artist....I want it regardless type of stuff.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Commiserations. I feel sadly cut off from the Cornish pixies and they are only 600 miles away. Perhaps more importantly, a daughter is a very good friend to have around.

Heide said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about the sad event of your grandson and daughter departing. He is simply adorable.