Wednesday, 13 May 2009


This is a piece I am inflicting of the public tomorrow, It is old Adam n Eve fighting that snake.
I have to come up with an Original piece for the Cambridge exhibition [i.e. not shown before] and I am not confident of finishing something in time [September], so the Three Graces will have to grace that show, if they get accepted.
If not, they will be renamed the Three Witches and curses will ensue.
So step up this unlikely pair.

The BB is sleeping at the mo, [my strangled lullaby worked much to my surprise] and Daughter is out shopping in the rain. I have been putting a tenner in her account each month for some years and she is determined to show her appreciation by buying as much as possible from our cheapo shops. It is hot in Nevada soon and the cotton tops will come in useful. She reckons we are couple of years behind American fashion, I disagree as I cynically surmise that the clothes are all made by the same poor people, in the hopes of one day being able to afford such glorious but rather flimsy vestments themselves.

Yesterday we trained up to London to meet with a college friend of mine, who trained up from Wiltshire with her daughter and baby [2 months older]..

We met up for lunch on the South Bank and had walks in the sunshine by the river. I always feel so at home around there, but Daughter felt a little anxious to be aroaming in the Big City. I guess big cities always have this effect till you know them well. We became very fond of Reno when we were wandering around, tho I guess once again we were in the centre pottering by the refurbished river. I liked San Francisco when I lived there briefly, but I find it a bit unsettling now. When i lived in New york in the late 60s I used to mosey around quite happily, went to the flics on my own etc. Why do I seem to marry men who don't like going to the movies, maybe better keep that in mind if there is a third time.

We had thought to go for a ride on the London Eye, but it is £17 a trip now, and the others had already tried it, so daughter will wait to experience it with Mountain Man [son-in-law] maybe next winter, as he is expecting to get laid off for a few weeks then.
Adapt to circumstances that's the way to do it.


Sue said...

Hooray, and a good time was had by all. We made it!

Heide said...

Lovely babes! Did you make your grandson's jumper?

chillsider said...

No that was made by daughter's sister in law. It's very nice, in a sort of cotton stuff, with nice little buttons and everything. He does look very smart in it and a brown jumper she also contributed.

carol said...

Your paths do seem to intertwine you and the Wiltshire lass. So glad you all had a nice day.

I'm a bit repelled by Adam'n'Eve but maybe that's OK as a reaction (at least it's a strong one; no-one will ever accuse you of being merely 'nice' I'm happy to say.) It's clever anyway. Good luck with the exhibition.

Walled Garden said...

South Bank is great for a stroll, specially on a sunny day. The babies (young and old) look lovely and happy.
I love the "pictures". Luckily Dave does too.
Cheers Gillian