Saturday, 18 July 2009

consider the sunflowers......

Every shed should have it's sunflower

Today has been gorgeous - somehow it hasn't rained on the cricket and they are doing well at Lords, if cautiously. If they ever let the Aussies back in they may even win, instead of a boring but thankful draw.
I have done a bit of painting in my shed, I watched a programme on Francis Bacon last night, and as I am between stitcheries I thought I would have a splosh. He stimulated/scared me into painting several small canvases streaky blackish and then I thought i might try some figures.
My shed has photos pinned all over,one of my ma in her wedding dress caught my eye so I decided to have a go at a sort of ghostly b/w bridal image. I think i may try and find other wedding pics and extend my series of funereal celebrations ............ it just is sad seeing her then and now, so happy, so in love; makes me think of my time passing. Paint quicker!!
Maybe it was one of the Plinthers sent me on this trail. She was very exercised about Botox and why women used this poison to cling to their youthful looks, which didn't last and had to be repeated, so they peed it out and we all drank it in the water.........oh dear.
We have RP's parents coming for lunch tomorrow, plus my ma. Very dodgy, it will probably go quite well but we both feel so tense, me hoping I won't say something without thinking very carefully how to phrase it, or even say it at all. They possibly feel the same way, but they are practised at not saying what they mean.
Maybe it is the generation gap, those that were brought up before the war, and during the war - us who evolved in the sixties and flew away.
Somehow we see the world differently.


carol said...

Wonderful sunflower and good to hear you're painting. The subject - well what's in the wind? I did a shuffle through of B&W photos recently with the idea of making collages but I got so depressed doing it they ended up as simple multi-pic jobs in one frame the end. One of my father's family and one of my mothers. now I've done it I can stop thinking about it I'm glad to say - it got something out of my system.

The ability to say something nasty in coded form so it appeard to be a 'kind' comment - that was an art form my ma-in-law excelled in!! Urgh! If our generation did nothing else crashing through that stuff was worth the strife.

Heide said...

I don't know about you, but as I grow older the "social filters" designed to prevent me from saying inappropriate comments fail regularly. I'm crass, rude and offensive, but seldom misunderstood anymore. Others may not enjoy my company, but I'm happy. Hope all went well with you.